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Will McNally Joins Farhi Fine Art Cohort - Farhi Fine Art

Will McNally Joins Farhi Fine Art Cohort

Contemporary British Artist Will McNally has signed with Farhi Fine Art. His work wonderfully captures the witty spirit of pop culture by fusing hyper-realistic drawings with vivid neon colours.

The self-taught artist with Irish and Greek roots started his journey in painting in his youth, with a Charity event hosted by his Auntie kickstarting his career. As well as discovering his innate love of the arts, he also has a natural talent for producing work that both he and others found to be extremely enjoyable. He’s gone on to be commissioned by the likes of Warner Brothers and Universal Music. High-net-worth collectors, international galleries, professional players, music stars, and notable actors are among the collectors on McNally’s 12-month waiting list for his work.

Will’s neon-drenched artwork is inspired by the idolisation of individuals on the big screen, with many of his pieces depicting figures from popular culture. The result is a series of paintings that are rife with allusions to contemporary music and culture; they are ideal for individuals who value art that is humorous and approachable to all.

We are extremely excited to be working with this talented artist. For more information on Will McNally’s art, you can contact one of our Fine Art Advisors here or email us at info@farhifineart.com