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Farhi Fine Art has signed with the world-renowned multi-media artist John Atkin, showcasing a variety of his work from sculptural to two-dimensional pieces. John Atkin’s sculptural and fine art works often centre around the abstract portrayal of human identity, movement, and structures in the natural world, with many of his choices of materials, colours and forms used to convey metaphors around these themes. Aside from his artwork being used to visually reimagine culture and heritage in common spaces, John Atkin has also participated in policies surrounding public art and urban regeneration both in the UK and overseas, most notably in China.

‘Gyroid Head’

John Atkin started his career at the Royal College of Art in London having received a personal scholarship from Henry Moore, graduating in 1985 with an MA in Sculpture. From there, he progressed into several fellowships, such as his appointment as an Honorary Fellow at the National Academy of Sculpture in Beijing and as a Fellow at the Royal Society of Sculptors in London, whilst simultaneously receiving a plethora of awards throughout his lifetime as an established artist, including the first prize in the Olympic Landscape Sculpture Designs Contest in 2008 and the Marshalls Award in Public Realms in 2009. Beginning in 2008, the artist has worked on numerous projects in China, one of which was ‘The Silk Road’, a sculpture developed for the first China Youth Games in 2015. This piece was created using stainless steel to connote movement when light bounces off the polished surface, whilst transforming at every angle to translate changes in direction. Another project titled ‘Access to Freedom’, is a large-scale installation for the city of Toronto completed in 2018; built to interpret the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, using three different metals: stainless, Corten and painted steel. Each material is meant to reflect different aspects of the Charter, as well as the environment which surrounds the sculpture.

‘The Silk Road’

In addition, Atkin has been a lecturer and academic in Fine Art in institutions worldwide as well as a Director of Internationalism at Loughborough University. As a result, Atkin has found footing in a variety of diverse departments, conducting collaborative research in chemistry, engineering, and architecture just to name a few fields. His relationship with China has continued as well, participating in conferences and lectures at institutions such as Tsinghua University, China Academy of Arts, and the Fuzhou International Symposium.

‘Vanishing Point’

We are privileged to have such an accomplished artist as part of our cohort. John Atkin’s notoriety is growing as his artwork and urban restoration projects garner more success internationally, releasing new works of art each year, besides holding exclusive exhibitions.

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