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Investing in Established Artists - Farhi Fine Art

Investing in Established Artists

Investing in already established artists is a safe bet when beginning to purchase art, although the price will typically be much higher than taking a chance on someone lesser known.

To be defined as an established artist means to have a sizeable body of work under their belt, as well as achieving a higher level of prestige. A substantial number of solo shows at reputable and renowned galleries across the world help established artists develop an international audience and receive recognition on a national and international level.

These artists often have a signature style to their pieces that has been developed over their careers, resulting in a unique selling point from an investment point of view.

Artists typically reach this stage of their careers after putting together a body of work that attracts the interest of seasoned investors and securing the support of a recognised gallery. Experienced collectors actively seek out established artists, and as a result, their works are frequently sold on the secondary market, establishing the artist’s work’s value through time.

Established artists have a tremendous prospect for gaining in value or, at the very least, keeping their value because they are not much different from blue-chip artists when it comes to their investment potential, although there is a certain amount of volatility that comes with it.

Some established artists we have at Farhi Fine Art include Alan Davie, a creator that is still featured as one of the people at the forefront of the Post-war Modern art movement starting in the 20th Century. His work sees over 500% returns on some pieces, with minor volatility in the market, whilst mainly giving visually interesting pieces that are a pleasure to hang on your walls.

Overall, emerging artists are a perfect investment into the fine art market, with it being reliable although still interesting. The artists that spring into this category cover a variety of styles, appealing to everyone.

For more information about our emerging artists as well as general art investment information, look on our website for our free art advisory guide or contact details.