Investing in Emerging Artists

Knowing why to invest in art is typically the first step in the process; after you’ve found that out, you need to know which categories of art and creators will work best for your collection. It can prove to be a highly lucrative endeavour to invest in up-and-coming artists who are just starting their careers and beginning to receive some notice, but it does come with dangers.

Defined by being an artist who is still relatively unknown to the public but who is beginning to get recognition and attention for their work. Emerging artists, despite having risks, often result in huge investment returns as their popularity rises. Although sometimes these do go the opposite way, with artist’s success plunging into being essentially obsolete, inciting the guidance of fine art consultants such as the professional’s we have at our gallery will make a world of difference.

Artists such as Simeon Stafford and John Atkin, both held at Farhi Fine Art, are two of these creators that have begun to gain major notoriety worldwide. Stafford’s success in the art world stems from his training under Lowry, with his works depicting a more joyful resemblance to the latter’s paintings. These kinds of similarities mean it’s probably inevitable that Stafford prices will grow, however whereas his teacher’s works go for millions, the formers are selling at much lower prices, although even now starting to rise.

Due to the pandemic, the art market witnessed a significant transformation; it eventually moved online, and a new generation of investors and new motives for investing in art emerged. The demand for the works of new artists was significantly raised by these variables and other factors as well.

Since art is a solid asset class that allows for the preservation of value, blue-chip art owners fiercely clutched onto their priceless works to secure their money during this period of economic turmoil. A lack of blue-chip art and a younger generation of collectors driving the desire for investment-grade artworks resulted in a sharp increase in demand for emerging artists.

The affordability of works by emerging artists makes it a great place for new investors to start, as well as providing more long-term opportunities for veteran collectors.

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