Lynn Chadwick

Motioned as Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite sculptor, Lynn Chadwick established himself as one of the 20th Century’s greatest Post-War sculptors. Chadwick’s work depicts abstract figures and animals; his innovations created in bronze and steel. One of the distinguishing features of his creative method is that there is no sketch or plan, it’s entirely improvisation, welding as he goes. Born in the London suburb of Barnes to an engineer father Chadwick studied under Roger Thomas as a draughtsman, initially delving into architecture before being encouraged into sculpture. Often, Chadwick said that making a sculpture was a matter of finding a solution for a problem.

Prior to Lynn Chadwick’s career taking off in 1951 having been commissioned to create three works for the Festival of Britain exhibition, the artist was working as a freelance designer following his time as a Royal Navy Pilot in 1939. During this time, he mainly produced watercolour and oil paintings. After his career skyrocketed, Chadwick received awards and positions that cemented his success. Even after his passing in 2003, Tate Britain launched a major Chadwick retrospective, leading to his pieces now being held in collections worldwide, such as the Art Institution of Chicago, Musée Rodin, and the Royal Academy of Arts,

Chadwick’s work has been exhibited worldwide, fetching millions on the secondary market. One of the highest auction results, recorded by Sotheby’s, was £2.5 million in 2018. Many of the artist’s works are on the market ranging from sculptures to paintings fetch at vastly different price points. The price overestimate at most auctions is well above 30%, meaning Chadwick’s pieces are a worthwhile investment in the long term. Smaller sculptures and sketches have a final realised price far more than the estimation, with the most recent in April 2022 being a pen and ink drawing that went 283% over the estimated sale price. Overall, Lynn Chadwick’s sculptural and two-dimensional art make for a strong contender in the fine art investment market.

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MEDIUM Yearly lots sold Sell-through rate Sale price Price over estimate
Sculpture 30 84.1% £140k 25%
Print 3 90% £138k 25%
Work on Paper 4 93.3% £10k 44%


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