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Founded in Dakar in 1974, Laboratoire Agit’Art was a revolutionary and subversive art collective that sought to combine traditional African performance and creativity with a modern aesthetic. Established by the artist Issa Samb, the filmmaker Djibril Diop Mambéty painter El Hadji Sy and the playwright Youssoupha Dione, Laboratoire Agit’Art were an interdisciplinary collective, devising street …



Land art or earth art is art that is made directly in the landscape, sculpting the land itself into earthworks or making structures in the landscape using natural materials such as rocks or twigs. Land art was part of the wider conceptual art movement in the 1960s and 1970s. The most famous land art work …

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Landscape is one of the principal types or genres of subject in Western art. The appreciation of nature for its own sake, and its choice as a specific subject for art, is a relatively recent phenomenon. Until the seventeenth century landscape was confined to the background of portraits or paintings dealing principally with religious, mythological …



A lightbox is a box with a translucent white surface fitted with an internal light source, commonly a fluorescent tube or small incandescent bulbs. A lightbox is normally used for examining transparencies and negatives and tracing works made with a variety of techniques and materials. However since the late twentieth century artists have made works …

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A linocut is a relief print produced in a manner similar to a woodcut but that uses linoleum as the surface into which the design is cut and printed from. The lino block consists of a thin layer of linoleum (a canvas backing coated with a preparation of solidified linseed oil) usually mounted on wood. …

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Lithography is a printing process that uses a flat stone or metal plate on which the image areas are worked using a greasy substance so that the ink will adhere to them by, while the non-image areas are made ink-repellent. A printing process based on the fact that grease and water don’t mix. The image …



The term live art refers to performances or events undertaken or staged by an artist or a group of artists as a work of art, usually innovative and exploratory in nature. The term is mainly used to refer to performance art, action art and their precursor happenings, together with later developments of performance since the …

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The London group was an exhibiting group founded in 1913 to organise modern art exhibitions in Britain. The London Group took over from the Camden Town group and its stated aim was ‘to advance public awareness of contemporary visual art by holding exhibitions annually’. Its first president was Harold Gilman, one of the leading Camden …



Luminism means roughly, the painting of light and is applied specifically to the American landscape painters of the Hudson River school from about 1830–70. Many of the paintings produced by the Hudson River school were dominated by intense and often dramatic light effects. In British art a form of luminism underlies James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s …

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