Hackney Flashers was a women’s arts collective active between 1974 and 1980. Most of the group were photographers and defined themselves as socialists and feminists.

Introduction to Hackney Flashers

The group’s name was a playful pun on the flash of the camera, their medium of choice. They used documentary photography as a tool in their activism.

Their work was focused on Hackney, East London, one of London’s poorest areas.

Who were they?

Most of the group were photographers, but they included a cartoonist, a graphic designer, a writer and an editor.

Their output was credited to the collective rather than named individuals but the core group included An Dekker, Sally Greenhill, Gerda Jager, Liz Heron, Michael Ann Mullen, Maggie Murray, Christine Roche, Jo Spence and Julia Vellacott. The group also collaborated with Helen Grace, Maggie Millman, Jini Rawlings, Ruth Barrenbaum, Annette Soloman, Arlene Strasberg and Chris Treweek.

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