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All about Art Money - Farhi Fine Art

All about Art Money

Art Money is a fine art financing service, offering a pay as you go system with Art Money Credit. Partnered with galleries worldwide, the company makes investment into fine art accessible, with Credit available for artwork anywhere from £1,000 to £100,000. The concept works around the customer being able to take home their art and enjoy it immediately, whilst galleries get the full amount they’re owed, supporting their artist in the process.

Pioneering a sustainable creative economy, their team consists of passionate art lovers who strive to make positive changes to the culture surrounding the fine art industry. Using Art Money means a consumer can purchase art with a higher value, having a domino effect on what they buy after each time. It gives an opportunity to grow collections as well as give access to the global art market. This directly then supports the artists and galleries, supplying them with a bigger profit than they would otherwise receive, therefore being able to grow. Pioneering a win-win business model, the company was started by the Australian art entrepreneur Paul Becker in 2015, powered by FinTech.

The simple process of becoming an Art Money Buyer makes it less intimidating to break into the market. It’s a one-time verification, meaning once your credited by Art Money the buying process after the first time remains easy. Payment plans are for up to 10 months, with a payment taking place very 30 days without interest.

Art Money is available in the UK, USA, New Zealand, and Australia; however, they are quickly expanding to more countries worldwide. Being an independent and more importantly: trusts company gives buyers peace of mind, whilst ensuring galleries that data is secured, and they won’t be scammed. Already, over 1550 galleries across the globe have partnered with Art Money, with many more to come.

Farhi Fine Art is one of the galleries partnered with Art Money, making it easy for you to purchase the amazing Post-war Modern art we hold and take it home straight away. For more information about Art Money, contact us here.