A Walk Through of Masterpiece 2022

The Masterpiece Art Fair is an event that takes place at Royal Hospital Chelsea, showcasing works from fine art to antiques. This year, Masterpiece was back at its full potential, with the past two being heavily affected by the pandemic.  Exhibitors come from across the globe and span every major market discipline. Vast hallways filled with enthusiasts are surrounded by rooms filled with jewellery, furniture, sculptures, antiques, and fine art, including many Post-war Modern pieces.

This year marks the first time since before COVID that the event has been back up to its usual standard. Although last year it still took place, it was on a much lesser scale. Many artists that were featured by exhibitors are housed at Farhi Fine Art, including Alan Davie, Lynn Chadwick, and Ian Davenport. ‘Walking Woman’ by Chadwick stood tall in one of the walkways next to a Champagne Bar, a sight which isn’t frequent when gazing on the artist’s work. Usually, as seen in other exhibitions within the event, a Lynn Chadwick is seen on a smaller scale.

Paintings by Ian Davenport held the same effect, with the carefully dripped colours cascading down the wall of another gallery, before pooling into intricate swirls of rainbow shades. Alan Davie was another artist seen throughout the show, exhibited by a plethora of galleries. Davie’s style that developed throughout his life is clearly recognisable, with a variety of his works on display, both in large and small formats.

Post-war Modern was by no means the only era of art that was on show, with intricate landscapes, traditional portraits and realistic sculptures being some examples of what else was accessible. However, these particular artworks definitely stood out to a certain degree, garnering interest from a lot of attendees.

The art market has seen a huge emergence following Covid and Brexit, which is reflected in the turnout of Masterpiece 2022. People finally have the opportunity to come together, and share works of art with likeminded enthusiasts after having to isolate from the industry. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of the doors of the market opening, welcoming in both new and old collectors. Clearly Post-war Modern artwork is one of leading eras shining into the market, with Chadwick and Davie both selling far above estimates.

If you would like to know more about some of these artists, or want advice in purchasing, contact us at Farhi Fine Art. There’s a reason why so many of these works are held at our gallery.